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about dr-phil-physics.com

this website

   I've been thinking about setting up a proper website of my own for a
while and had been looking at 1-and-1 Hosting.  They've been around for
twenty years, which in Internet years is like forever.

   But the final straw was a big sale by 1-and-1 which ended on 31 December
2007 -- so at 10:30pm on New Year's Eve, I signed up.  And planned to
launch things on 2 February 2008 -- 02.02.2008 -- and the rest is history.
In the summer of 2010, I've been taking care of much neglected updating
and expanding the content.  Version 2 of dr-phil-physics.com official debuted
on 06.06.2010 .

   Last Upgrade: 06.06.2010       Next Upgrade: 07.07.2010

· My website may be out of date, but my web hosting company is always up and



   I like low-level simple solutions without lots of flashing lights and
stuff, so I'm still using HoTMetaL Pro 5.0 for most of my web editing.
These web pages should load fast and be accessible on everything,
including Windows Mobile PDA's and the Apple iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad.

stories and essays

   ©2010 · Dr. Philip Edward Kaldon


   Links to publishers and booksellers such as Amazon.com are, for the
moment, being done as straight links.  I'm not getting a piece of the 
sale from the link.

contact info

   You can write to me at:

             drphil at dr-phil-physics dot com

   Substitute "@" for " at " and "." for " dot ".  Sorry for the 
skullduggery.  I get enough spam e-mail on my work and other accounts to
last me a lifetime.

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