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"boxes" · crossTIME anthology 5 
         (september 2006)


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by dr. philip edward kaldon
CrossTIME Anthology Vol. V 
Santa Fe NM: CrossTIME, 2006
pp. 132-147
I am such a stupid shit.  And I think I accidentally 
made a black hole in my basement.

Jessie Martin just wants to teach college physics part-time.  But he 
got laid off and had to move years of crap back home to his basement.
Then one morning he couldn't find his cat or his wife -- and all those
boxes in the basement were gone, except for one shining little mote
floating in the air, whistling as the air rushed into it.  How do you
tell everyone that the world is coming to end and it's your fault?

Selected in April 2006 (3rd Place)
Published September 2006

CrossTIME Volume V

Available for $12.95 via Crossquarter Publishing and Amazon.com.

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