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"hail to the victors" · abyss & apex (april 2011)

Hail to the Victors

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"hail to the victors"
by dr. philip edward kaldon
abyss & apex
    "Ell-tee," Rhonda called out.  "What's the local time?"
    "1130 hours," Lt. Eddie said, even though he knew the 
sergeant had the time.
    "And the seventeen time?"
    "Minus five hours and change," he said.
    "Taking my shirt off," she said.
    Eddie looked up at the sky, opening up in the midday sun 
and made the decision for Team 84632.  "Yeah.  Shirts off, guys."
    Rhonda shed her jacket and vest, then pulled off her T-shirt.  
As the sun began to glow down on them, her dark tan began to 
turn olive shades.  By the time the sunshine gained strength, 
she was quite green.  
    "Water up, guys," Eddie said, as he greened up as well.  
"300 ml each."

Interstellar Expeditionary Force 1 started out as a real army, trying to 
take back a planet from partial enemy occupation. The alien ships were 
smaller, but there were ten thousand plus of them scattered across three 
of six continents. A year and a half later and Team 84632 was down to five. 
Lt. Eddie wasn’t really a lieutenant, he’d last officially been a first 
sergeant, but they needed an officer, and with Lt. Allen and 2nd Lt. Brace 
dead, along with Master Sgt. Hayden, well… someone had to lead. They hadn’t 
heard from Battalion in a long time.

Sold in April 2010
Published April 2011

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