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"the gravediggers" · crossTIME anthology 3 
                    (august 2004)

The Gravediggers

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"the gravediggers"
by dr. philip edward kaldon
CrossTIME Anthology Vol. III 
Santa Fe NM: CrossTIME, 2004
pp. 44-63
"Thirty seconds..."

Captain Craig Upton stood in quiet stern contemplation, watching the 
lines converge on his main battle screen.  It was two years into this 
bastard war and he had survived eight of these battles in command of 
the Unified Star Fleet medium cruiser USFS Deneb (CGM-204).  He hated 
this part, the waiting.

"Twenty seconds..."

The dirty little secret of interstellar war: someone has to clean up the
mess from a relativistic wreck.  Radar Specialist Ken Walaciowski, newly 
assigned to the USFS Marabou, has no idea what's in store for him or why his
new radar can simultaneously track sixty-four billion objects. 

Selected in June 2004 (Honorable Mention)
Published August 2004

CrossTIME Volume III

Available for $12.95 via Crossquarter Publishing and Amazon.com.

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