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"the pulse of the sea" · northwest passages
                        (september 2005)

The Pulse of the Sea

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"the pulse of the sea"
by dr. philip edward kaldon
in Northwest Passages: A Cascadian Odyssey
edited by Cris DiMarco, hosted by Cascadian Con
Port Orchard WA: Fandom Press, the co-operative division of Windstorm Creative, 2005
pp. 179-194.
Wherever Cari was, the lighting was dim.  The sound of machines 
sighing in the background dominated, while the rest of the room 
felt cool, quiet... controlled.  Not that she could really see.  
More like she had just awoken and, thick with crusts around her 
eyes, couldn't open them completely or focus.
"Miss Ohtagawa."
The calm, pleasant voice hung in the air.  She knew he would 
speak again to get her attention, if she did not respond.
"Do not try to move or speak.  You are in a hospital and have 
been gravely injured."
The train crash.
The train had crashed.  It began to come back to her.

Cari Ohtagawa was just a fourteen-year-old teen traveling with her family to
visit her grandparents when the train they're on wrecks at several hundred
miles per hour. Gravely injured, her 24th century doctors replace many parts. 
Her new heart is a continuous flow pump -- it doesn't have a beat.  And that,
Cari finds out, has consequences she is going to have to learn to live with.

Sold in July 2008
Published September 2005

Reviews: Tangent Online. 

Northwest Passages

Available for $19.99 via Windstorm Creative/Fandom Press and Amazon.com.

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