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bio of dr philip edward kaldon

bio of dr philip edward kaldon aka "Dr. Phil"

who the hell is Dr. Philip Edward Kaldon?Dr. Phil at ConFusion 2008

  Dr. Phil teaches Physics at Western Michigan University and writes
Science Fiction.  He lives near Allendale MI, between Grand Rapids and
Lake Michigan, with his wife of over 25 years and our sleeping cats.

  This is NOT the Dr. Phil on TV.

and why should you care?

  That depends on you. (grin)  But I'm writing enough Science Fiction that
I am beginning to get published, so maybe you want to find out a little more
about the stories, my writing, writing in general, or me.  Who knows?

but let me tell you a story...

  I've been writing for a LONG time -- my first SF story was in a third grade
"newspaper" we produced. It was about a manned mission to Mars. One of the 
astronauts dies on the way home from a heart attack brought on by prolonged 
exposure to zero-gee. (hee-hee) My WOTF story, "A Man in the Moon" is about 
an astronaut on the verge of constructing the first permanent Moon base and 
discovering he's going to die of a new form of cancer, possibly brought on 
by exposure to high tech equipment. He insists that he's able to keep on 
working and should be allowed to live -- and die -- on the Moon. That by 
becoming the first "Man in the Moon" to die of natural causes, it will make 
the program more real to people back home. Hmm... come to think of it, there 
are some interesting parallels with that other story forty years ago. Wish 
I had a copy somewhere.

  In October 1990 I decided to get serious about writing and sat down to write 
a SF novel. That one isn't finished, but roughly half of my short stories 
take place in that same 29th century universe, so I've been mining it for 
years. In June 2002 a friend of my wife sent an e-mail saying that she had 
a friend who had a small SF publishing company, knew I was interested in SF 
stories, and did I want to enter a contest on space station stories. Huh. 
I had a space station story, part of a larger sprawling work which, ahem, 
clocks in unedited and unreadable at 1.5 million words, and wrote a 5000 word 
short story and sent it in. Then I looked around to see where else I could 
send stuff, which led me to Writers of the Future.

  • In thirty-one WOTF entries I have had 3 Finalists (1 to be published in 
  the 24th WOTF Anthology), 2 Semi-Finalists and 10 Quarter-Finalists/10 Honorable 
  Mention, plus 5 plain old Rejections and 1 Lost-in-Mail (No Decision).

  In 2004 I took the plunge and attended Clarion in East Lansing MI. I live 
about 90 minutes away, and my office at Western Michigan University is also 
about 90 minutes away, so I dragged two dual-Pentium Pro machines and a 
LaserJet 4ML and baked in the heat and humidity for six weeks. Al Bodgan, 
who took 2nd prize in the same Q3 contest my story is from, was one of my 
Clarion classmates -- the Michigan contingent is strong in this group. (grin)


Born western upstate New York;
Highlands Junior High School in White Plains near New York City; 
Grimsley Senior High School in Greensboro, North Carolina (1976).
B.A. Integrated Sciences, Northwestern University (1980); 
M.S. Physics, Michigan Technological University (1986/88); 
Ph.D. in Applied Physics, Michigan Technological University (1989).
Physics Teaching: WMU, KVCC, GVSU, Hope College.
President (2002-2003)—Michigan Section of the American Association of
Physics Teachers (MIAAPT).

Dr. Phil came here to Western Michigan University as an Instructor/Lecturer
from Summer of 1992 to Summer of 1993. Spent the 1993-94 year as a Visiting
Assistant Professor of Physics at Grand Valley State University. After two
years pursuing a Ph.D. in Science Education at WMU, he spent 1996-97 on leave
as a Visiting Assistant Professor of Physics at Hope College, where he had a
chance to do some neat work in physics education as well as physics research.
Currently Dr. Phil teaches in the Physics Dept. at WMU. In addition to having
recently served as President of the Michigan Section of the American
Assoication of Phyiscs Teachers (MIAAPT), Dr. Phil pursues many science and
science literacy efforts, and is working on a career writing science fiction.

Dr. Phil and Friend Sam

Dr. Phil is not the "Dr. Phil" on television.

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