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blogs and links

blogs and links

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    Dr. Phil's LiveJournal Blog "They Didn't Ask Me"
               dr_phil_physics at LiveJournal

    Dr. Phil's Dreamwidth Blog "Those Who Lie In Wait, Dream Deep"

    Dr. Phil's Homepage at Western Michigan University
               Dr. Phil's Homepage at WMU

               Mirror Site at dr-phil-physics.com
               wmu mirror site

    Dr. Phil's Blogger Blog "Life in the 29th Century"
        *** Created for dr-phil-physics.com and Story Comments,
        *** but currently only maintained to keep a Blogger presence. 

other people's blogs *

    Jim Wright's Stonekettle Station

    John Scalzi's Whatever

    Wil Wheatons's WWdN: In Exile

    Marjorie M. Liu's Web Petals

    On LiveJournal: Jim C. Hines (jimhines), Catherynne M. Valente (yuki_onna),
                    Nick Mamatas (nihilistic_kid), Jay Lake (jaylake), world_sf,
                    Mary Kowal Robinette (maryrobinette), Jeffrey Ford (jeffford2010),
                    K Tempest Bradford (ktempest), Ellen Datlow (ellen_datlow),
                    Nancy Fulda (nancyfulda), slithytove, The Slushmaster (douglascohen),  
    Tobias Buckell, Patrick Rothfuss, John Joseph Adams (The Slush God), 

    * Please note that blogs on the Internet are sometimes Not For The Faint of Heart
      and Dr. Phil makes no apologies or warranties as to any content you may find
      good or ill, 'right on' or offensive, other than to say that I read this people
      on a daily/regular basis. In a future revision to dr-phil-physics.com, I hope
      to make an anotated list.

      Some of those listed as LiveJournal are feeds from other blog sources.  I have
      them listed as LiveJournal because they show up on my LJ flist Friends Page.

      Also, there is nothing in the ordering of these entries to reflect my feelings 
      about them.  They are listed pretty much in the order that I made the list.  Other
      than Jim Wright's awesomely well-written and powerful Stonekettle Station. (grin)
      Some of the friends that I made through the 2004 Clarion and WOTF XXIV workshops,
      and connections from Cons I've attended -- well, for the most part I'm keeping 
      those more personal for the moment.  If you're a friend and think I've slighted 
      you, drop me a line. (grin)


    Obvious, but useful links such as Google, Wikipedia, IMDb.

    Also obvious, especially with the Version 2.13 upgrade to dr-phil-physics.com,

    For SF/F Writers: Ralan's, LOCUSonline.


    Links to Submission Guidelines for some SF markets...

        Writers of the Future

        The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction (F&SF)

        Analog Science Fact and Fiction

        Asimov's Science Fiction

        Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine

        Abyss & Apex

        Orson Scott Card's InterGalactic Medicine Show


        Strange Horizons

        Redstone Science Fiction

        Apex Magazine

        ... and more coming 07.07.2010 ...


    Al Bogdan's Photos from ConFusion 2008



        Dresden Codak

        Hyperbole and a Half

        Penny Arcade

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