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the con report
the con report
previous sf/f cons
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24-26 January 2003 -- ConFusion 29 2003, Warren MI (Detroit) -- Dr. Phil's 1st con,
      just drove in for Saturday. Last ConFusion in the Van Dyke Hotel.
26-28 September 2003 -- 2BeContinued, Merrillville IN (Chicago) -- Another quick
      just-for-Saturday run.  Met Julie Czerneda and Larry Niven.

23-25 January 2004 -- ConFusion XXX 2004, Troy MI (Detroit) -- Had planned on running
      in for Saturday, but that involved early morning driving and the West Michigan
      weather over night was horrendous.  Concerned about ice on the roads, did not go.
28-31 May 2004 -- WisCon 28, Madison WI -- Not only is WisCon a feminist SF con, 
      it is one of the best run cons around, with excellent facilities for children.
      Attended the writing Workshop, in part to get crit experience before Clarion 2004.
22-24 October 2004 -- ConClave 29, Lansing MI -- Attended Friday and Saturday.  Handed
      out flyers for the 2005 Clarion Workshop. 

21-23 January 2005 -- 31 Flavors of ConFusion, Troy MI (Detroit) -- Back to ConFusion
      and despite being in a different hotel than 2003, I feel like I am "home".  The
      Michigan gang from Clarion gave a panel -- my first one.  Only a couple of people
      showed up, but that's not the point.  I think this was the year of the Blizzard,
      where I stayed over one more night and everyone had a very relaxing Saturday 
      night watching the snow building up outside.

         SAT   2:00 pm   DENN IV    6 Weeks at Clarion
         Recent Clarion graduates discuss and reminisce about the intensive experience 
         of the Clarion Writers' Workshop, a science fiction writers' workshop in Lansing, 
         Michigan.   Al Bogdan   Brynna Ramin   Kiel Phegley   Lister Matheson   Michele 
         Letica   Philip Edward Kaldon.

27-30 May 2005 -- WisCon 29, Madison WI -- Last year was so impressive, Mrs. Dr. Phil 
      and I came for the first part of the con and I did the writers' Workshop again.
      And we have reached the LiveJournal blogging era for Dr. Phil. (grin)

20-22 January 2006 -- ConFusion 32, Troy MI (Detroit) -- Another very satisfying 

under construction
19-21 January 2007 -- ConFusion 33, Troy MI (Detroit) -- Yay! And Pirate Ships, fer
      sure, me bucko!
9-11 November 2007 -- WindyCon 34, Rosemont IL (Chicago) -- Last year for WindyCon
      in the Wyndham O'Hare, the hotel with the river running underneath it. Had a
      really lovely corner room/suite whose thick windows overlooked the expressway
      and the approach to O'Hare -- and yet I hardly heard a thing.  Great room, fun
      con, quirky hotel. (grin)
18-20 January 2008 -- ConFusion 34, Troy MI (Detroit) -- Met married Guests of Honor
      Scott Westerfeld and Justine Larbalestier. Came home and had to order the four
      books of the Uglies trilogy. (grin)
14-16 November 2008 -- WindyCon 35, Lombard IL (Chicago) -- First year in the Westin
      Lombard.  Theme was Military SF. (Yes!) Not only a good SF/F con, but a superb 
      Harry Caray's Steakhouse restaurant.

23-25 January 2009 -- ConFusion 35, Troy MI (Detroit) -- This year I'm on 3 panels and 
      giving a reading. Met Cory Doctorow.

         Friday, January 23
         9:00 PM
         Dennison III - Writers and Artists of the Future (1 hr.) Jim Hines [M], Al Bogdan 
         and Philip Edward Kaldon. Participants talk about the experience, was it a good 
         thing or irrelevant to their career? What are Scientologists really like up close?

         Saturday, January 24
         11:00 AM
         Salon E - Did Captain Kirk own a wallet? (1 hr.) Cory Doctorow, Tobias Buckell [M], 
         Philip Edward Kaldon, Paul Melko and Matthew Stewart-Fulton.  Economics and SF how 
         has science fiction has portrayed economics of the future over the years how have 
         things changed, what are some of the enduring themes? 

         Board Room - A reading with Dr. Philip Edward Kaldon physicist and science fiction 
         writer (1 hr.) 

         Sunday, January 25 
         Dennison I/II - Gadgeteering Cory Doctorow, David Rozian, Merrie Haskell, Philip 
         Edward Kaldon and Freon. Creating gadgets in SCIENCE fiction.

1-3 May 2009 -- Penguicon 7.0, Romulus MI (Detroit) -- This is the first time I've ever
      been able to attend this unusual Linux / SF con.  Yes, I did say Linux OS and SF con.
      At my first con, ConFusion in 2003, they were planning the first Penguicon in the 
      same hotel, the Van Dyke.  Crossing Michigan's width twice in the winter seemed
      like begging for trouble.  But with Penguicon 7.0 in May, that didn't seem to be
      a problem. Proposed 2 panels. Alas, despite my best attempts, did not get to meet
      Wil Wheaton, as his sinuses prevented him from traveling.  But I did get to see
      author Mary Robinette Kowal in her Campbell Award tiara and the Shawn Powers / John
      Scalzi Atari 2600 Battle of Honor.

         Saturday May 2, 2009 11:00 am
         Can I Be Your Friend? Bringing Authors and Readers Together
         John Scalzi, Jim C. Hines, Wil Wheaton, Mary Robinette Kowal, Daniel Hogan, Dr. Philip 
         Kaldon. Facebook, LiveJournal, WordPress, MySpace, Twitter, website, etc. -- SF/F/H 
         authors are encouraged to engage in self-promotion on the web. Some, like John Scalzi 
         and Wil Wheaton make it look easy. But where's the line on privacy and personal details 
         for the authors? And what about fans bent on making the transition to troll or stalker? 
         No one said this was going to be easy.

         Saturday May 2, 2009 6:00 pm
         Future Crash - What If We Lose the Knowledge?
         David Crampton, Dan Hoyt, Dr. Philip Kaldon. Forget writing about the Singularity. What 
         happens when automation brings us to a tech future where no one knows how to actually 
         DO the tech anymore? SF discussion from H.G. Wells to Stargate and beyond.

         Sunday May 3, 2009 9:00am
         Book Signings
         Including Dr. Philip Kaldon and Al Bogdan -- hopefully signing copies of the Writers 
         of the Future Volume XXIV anthology.

13-15 November 2009 -- WindyCon 36, Lombard IL (Chicago) -- Theme is Steampunk!  Dr. Phil
      was on a panel and did a reading. Pre-con report here, con reports here, here and here.

          Saturday 6:00pm
          Walnut:  Reading by P.E. Kaldon
          Dr. Phil will be reading from his current work, "Z.P.D. 
          (Zeppelin Police Department)", in honor of the Steampunk theme.
          Note: While not in the Detailed Schedule yet, it is in the Grid.  
          Afterwards I'll be heading to dinner at the marvelous Harry Caray's
          Steakhouse in the Westin -- I'm happy to have anyone join me,
          whether they come to the reading or not.  (grin)

          Sunday 12:00 Noon-1:00 p.m.
          Junior Ballroom B:  Alternative Technology
          What assumptions are made about steampunk technology?  What is 
          possible from a materials engineering standpoint and what breaks 
          the rules of physics?
          E. Hunt, P.E. Kaldon, H. Spencer, M.Z. Williamson

22-24 January 2010 -- ConFusion 36, Troy MI (Detroit) -- Lots of panels! SIX, plus
      a Reading!  This clearly is Dr. Phil's "home con".

         Sci-Fi Television
         Diane Frkan, Dr. Philip Kaldon, Ed Gardiner
         * Saturday 10:00a - 11:00a * Salon E
         It's another season of network programming! What happened to Heroes? 
         Sara Connor and Dollhouse dumped, sexy Vampires, the "Visitors" and the 
         Prisoner have arrived and LOST! A discussion panel on the new, returning 
         and revamped shows that fall under the sci-fi, supernatural and other 
         cross-over genre

            NOTE: This panel is a hybrid of a TV panel and one Dr. Phil proposed 
            on Why All The Remakes? Alas, it's at the same time as another panel 
            I'd proposed on the Rate Fail debate, with some of the people who 
            blogged on the issue. (grin) But the TV panel needed another body, 
            so Dr. Phil is taking one for the team and will miss the Rate Fail 
            fun. (double-grin)

            Rate Fail: Does it matter how much writers get paid for short fiction?
            Catherynne Valente, Jim Hines, Mike Resnick
            * Saturday 10:00a - 11:00a * Dennison 3&4
            A new market offers genre writers one-fifth of a cent per word, but 
            considers it okay because it's the exposure that counts. Yet this is 
            less than the pulps paid eighty years ago, even unadjusted for inflation. 
            Minimum SFWA pro rates are 5 cents a word, and even that isn't a lot 
            of money. Exposure versus payment? For The Luv versus Business? Does money 
            equal quality? Authors discuss differing views on these questions.

         Dark Carnivals and Red Planets: A Bradbury Discussion
         Dr. Philip Kaldon, The Ferrett, Carl Lundgren
         * Saturday 11:00a - 12:00n * Salon G
         Our theme this year is Creepy Carnival, and what Con would be complete without 
         a look at the master of creepy carnivals... Ray Bradbury!

         Legends of SciFi
         Dr. Philip Kaldon, Mike Resnick, Diane Frkan, Matthew Fanny, The Ferrett
         * Saturday 1:00p - 2:00p * Dennison 3&4
         A discussion on the legends of Science Fiction. A look at the past legends who 
         have past on and who the new ones are? Who is your legend?

         The Family in Science Fiction
         Catherynne Valente, Dr. Philip Kaldon, Jim Hines, Sarah Zettel, Matthew Fanny
         * Saturday 2:00p - 3:00p * Salon E
         The variety of families within Sci-Fi and how they're conscructed from Heinlein 
         to Robinson and everyone in between

         Influence of Speculative Fiction on 20th/21st Century Music
         Dr. Philip Kaldon, Carl Lungren
         * Saturday 3:00p - 4:00p * Salon G
         How has music been shaped by science fiction? From the Who to Muse... there has 
         been an influence, join us for a discussion

         Writers Contest for New Writers
         Catherynne Valente, Dr. Philip Kaldon, Jim Hines, Catherine Shaffer
         * Saturday 9:00p - 10:00p * Dennison 3&4
         Having a deadline is a great way for the new writer to be motivated to get short 
         stories completed and sent out

         The Terrors of the Universe
         Dr. Philip Kaldon
         * Sunday 11:00a - 12:00n * Boardroom
         A travelling carnival visits a distant planet and has a house of horrors.... 
         Come hear Dr. Phil Kaldon read his brand new short story.

under constructionthe cons of the future?

5-8 August 2010 -- NASFiC 10 / ReConStruction, Raleigh NC -- Unable to attend due to class.
24-26 September 2010 -- MadCon 2010, Madison WI -- Probably attend.
28-31 October 2010 -- World Fantasy Convention 36, Columbus OH -- Not sure yet.
12-14 November 2010 -- WindyCon 37, Lombard IL (Chicago) -- Probably attend.

21-23 January 2011 -- ConFusion 2011, Troy MI (Detroit) -- Probably attend.
17-21 August 2011 -- WorldCon 69 / Renovation, Reno NV -- Not sure yet.

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