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ficlets (2007-2009)

ficlets logo

In March 2007, SF author and general raconteur John Scalzi wrote on his blog 
about a new collaborative short fiction writing site called Ficlets from AOL.

I have another project I want to tell you about, because it's a hell of a lot of fun, and it's something you can play with too. It's called Ficlets, and it made its debut over the weekend at the South by Southwest Interactive show. It's a collaborative short fiction site.

What does "collaborative short fiction" mean in this case? Simple: You, as a writer, post a very short (not more than 1,024 characters) piece of fiction or a fiction fragment on the Ficlets site. People come to Ficlets to read what you've written, and to comment on your piece. If they want to, they can also write a "sequel" to your story or story fragment, carrying the story forward from where you left it. Or, alternately, they can write a "prequel," explaining how you got to where you are in the story. All sorts of people can write all sorts of sequels and prequels -- and of course, other people can write sequels and prequels to those. What you end up with is a story with multiple authors and multiple branchings -- lots of possibilities and surprises.

(And of course, if you as a reader find a ficlet you find interesting, you can always write a sequel or prequel as well.)

For those of you out there who are worried about what this means for your rights to what you write on Ficlets, you should know that all the words written on the Ficlets site are licensed by a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 license. This makes it easier to play and share fairly, and should also assuage any fears you may have that AOL, which created and runs the site, will do something nefarious with your text.

During the first two months, Dr. Phil published 7 Ficlets -- actually 2 stubs
with one part each and a partial story in five parts -- representing three
unfinished short stories.

the stories

(1) "The Hero Business"

(2) "Butterflies"

(3) "Newliweds"

... stories coming 07.07.2010..

Last Update: 05 June 2010 Saturday