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dr. phil on science education


Dr. Phil does not assign regular homework problems.

Which problems should you do for homework? Well… all of them. Or at least all that you need to do. It’s part of the daily work you need to do to keep up. The study of Physics at this level is also a study of problem solving and practicing the manipulation of variables and formulas. This H.W. will not be turned in, but you will be responsible for it. Later on, you will start receiving Sample Exams – actual Dr. Phil exams given to actual Dr. Phil students. You are expected to be able to do all these, but do not waste too much time if you can’t see how to solve a problem. Odd-numbered textbook problems often have answers given in the back of the book; but you can always ask Dr. Phil to check out specific questions. It does no good to just hand out detailed solutions for all the problems, because then people tend not to actually work on the H.W., they just study the solutions. That’s like reading in order to run a race.

A Checklist of things to work on.

PHYS-1130, PHYS-1150, PHYS-2050 and PHYS-2070 are four credit courses which meet five times a week. You need to be doing something with your studying time outside of class, typically at least two hours of work for every hour in the classroom.

If You Aren't Doing These Things · Then What Are You Doing To Earn 4 Credits?

Other Ways To Help Yourself

The Small Study Group

Dr. Phil can't set this up for you, but small study groups of 3-4 students are very useful in working this material, because you'll be with other students in the same class working on the same problems. Don't know anyone else? Stand up and ask to join/form a study group. You'll be amazed at how many other people "don't know anyone else".

Last year I wrote a couple of webpages on Studying and Group Studying. You might want to look at them.

Office Hours

Dr. Phil gets so lonely, sometimes... Office Hours are posted. Dr. Phil's office is located at 2203 Everett Tower, tucked into the Northwest corner of the second floor.

Physics Help Room

The Help Room normally lives in 0077 Rood -- sort of underneath the lecture halls. Help Room Schedule is posted.

Ask Questions

In class, after class, office hours, phone or e-mail. If you don't ask, you won't get answers.

Last Update: 15 September 2006 Friday.