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dr phil stories
dr phil stories

free fiction

Dr. Phil has a number of stories available for free online, both on his LiveJournal blog,
here on dr-phil-physics.com and several of my published stories.

published stories · by Dr. Philip Edward Kaldon

"Le Grand Bazar" at Space Westerns. (December 2008) 

"Dead Forever" at Ralan's Web Spectravaganza; 2nd Prize 2006 
   Grabber Contest.  Illustration by Teresa Tunaley.  (October 2006)

"Giant Cicadas and Other Odd Indignities" at 
   Southern Fried Weirdness Online. (January 2008)

"Hail to the Victors" at Abyss & Apex.  (April 2011)

dr-phil-physics.com fiction · by Dr. Philip Edward Kaldon

"Lines West X4334-W"
Originally written for The National Fantasy Fan Federation 2002 N3F Short Story Contest, 
where it took 2nd Prize, this expanded version of my "29th century railroad story" 
was written in 2007.

"Priority Driver" is the second half of my 2002 "transportation series", along 
with the prize-winning "Lines West X433-W".  This time it's a 29th 
century trucking story.  It was also an experiment to try having an unlikeable
protagonist -- for that reason alone it is interesting enough to include in 
these webpages. (grin)  Read the story here.

"Command Prologue" is the beginning.  I decided to start a SF novel in October
1990, without any plan other that writing a story.  This is the opening to this
unfinished novel -- and I've been writing stories in this same 29th century
universe ever since.  "Home Front" may lay out the War and show how it affected
those away from the battles, but "Command Prologue" drops you right into the 
beginning of the War.  Read the First... Second... Third... Fourth Installment.

"Atrophy" is a story I've been working on in the last year. One editor called it 
"Meeting with Medusa"-esque. With the passing recently of legendary SF writer 
Sir Arthur C. Clarke, it's hard not to feel a little bit honored that my story 
has been compared with Clarke's short story "A Meeting With Medusa". (grin) 
Of course Clarke was telling a different story -- "Atrophy" came about really 
as the result of simply trying to reduce the mass and consumable supplies of 
manned missions.  Read the story here.


livejournal fiction · by Dr. Philip Edward Kaldon

"A Rosebourne Christmas" for Christmas 2006.

"The Head of the Line" for International Pixel-Stained Technopeasant Day in April 2007.

"Christmas in Foxhole-Heaven" for Christmas 2009. 

"Memorial Day-II" for Memorial Day 2010.

"Star of Bethlehem" for Christmas 2010.

"The Long Night That Never Was" for Christmas Eve 2013 and...
"Silent Light" for Christmas 2013 and
"Silent Strike" for Twelfth Night / Eastern Christmas 2013-14.

ficlets · by Dr. Philip Edward Kaldon

Very short unfinished work for the former AOL Ficlets site. Coming soon.


Little stories for kids of all (most) ages. (grin)

               more stories coming 3.3.2014...
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